How did those two Belgians get here ? How did they find this magic place? What is the work they have done in it? How will you be welcomed? Open the doors of our Residence and discover its history...

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La Demeure des Elfes

Here is the story of a great project...

Once upon a time, two Belgian Elves and their Fairy Godmother went exploring precipitous mountain paths on beautiful summer days.

Switzerland, country of many memories, had always seemed very attractive to them. And their wings led them to unknown paths, with which they were not at all disappointed...

This is how they stopped off at Leukerbad. Not far from these invigorating springs surrounded with imposing mountains is a very small village made up of old wood houses, built very close to each other in order to resist the cold winters.

On this planet, and even beyond the seas, there are very few protected, magic and charming places left. Albinen joins these three sought-after qualities, as well as many others that could only entertain you...

In the centre of the village, our two Elves found a hotel that had been looking for new owners for seven years.

And then, they visited it, flying from room to room with enthusiasm, walking in the garden between the fruit trees and admiring the breathtaking view from the large terrace.

In spite of all the things that had to be changed and the huge works that had to be undertaken, the Elves rolled up their sleeves and decided to take up residence. This was not easy, but they buckled down and with some spirit, a little bit of magic and the help of Fairy Godmother, as well as some gifted gnomes and hobbits, they transformed this chalet into a little paradise full of warmth and harmony.

This is how the Elves, wishing to share this magic place, opened the doors of their Residence to the Elves of all the Kingdoms from the 26th of December 2009. Come and spend some time with them!

In the winter, you will be sliding over the snow high up in the mountains with untouchable tops on the horizon. In summer time, there are not fewer activities to enjoy as the area offers villages to visit, tops to climb up, streams to step over and paths to discover.

In the afternoon, you will come down to the house to rest by the hearth with a cup of hot beverage in your hands and you will be surrounded with the smell of the biscuits and cakes made by the cooking Elf. Or you will sit back and relax your body and mind in the bubbles of the Leukerbad spa.

In the evening, if you feel like tasting some local dish, several places will greet you in the area. Among them, the Gnomes’Salon or Godswärgjistubu in the Valais language is just down the house and will give you a warm welcome in an ancient chalet.

If you prefer staying by the fire in the Residence’s sitting room, one or two times a week, the Elves will invite you to their table where their fairy fingers will have prepared a nice dinner.

And then, you will be falling asleep in the sweet duvets of the House’s hidden rooms...

The next morning, the Elves will have gotten up very early to prepare a breakfast that is worthy of the most famous fairy tales’ ogres.